Skin Peels

skin peel treatment liverpool osteopaths

As we age, the layer of old, inactive skin cells on the surface of our skin loses some of its youthful glow and becomes dull and faded-looking. A skin peel rejuvenates that tired skin by removing the dead, aged cells and revealing the new skin cells beneath, not yet damaged or aged-looking.

A skin peel from Liverpool Osteopaths makes your skin look healthier, more full of life and that much more blemish-free by using  a specially-chosen enzyme or a carefully-tested chemical wash to remove layers of dead cells from the skin, unveiling the prime young skin cells underneath. The results that can be achieved with a skin peel are much more impressive than the results possible with microdermabrasion or other, more pedestrian exfoliative methods.

Dermaceutic Laboratoire is a pioneer in the field of “cosmeceuticals” – namely, the fusion of pharmaceutical sciences and cosmetic sciences – and have used their expertise and innovation to develop a range of effective skin peel enzymes and treatments, allowing an incredible degree of personalisation to the patient and a bespoke anti-ageing treatment that can adapt to any need the customer may have.

The result is a treatment regime that can produce breathtaking results, with discolouration removed from the skin, texture and tone rejuvenated and the general appearance of the skin dialled back by a number of years. The intensity of the treatments can vary from patient to patient, too, from gentle treatments that rejuvenate the skin on the surface to more powerful ones that can remove discoloration and smooth out fine lines in the skin. An ideal treatment for even the most stubborn acne, as well as a perfect countermeasure for acne scarring, skin peels are also useful in treating birth marks, sun damage and other wear-and-tear.

For a skin peel to be successful, you must pay careful attention to your skin treatment before the procedure, and to your home care routine afterwards, to make sure you heal properly and see the best effects of the treatment. Even one course of treatment will have your skin feeling softer, as well as looking smoother and younger, but for the best effects you should pay your home care routine extra attention and book for the recommended course of four to six treatments – this will all be explained by your Nurse Practitioner or prescribing physician at the time.

Your skin peel treatment plan will be in the form of multiple peels, as many smaller peels are vastly more effective in treating the skin than one deep peel. Healing times are reduced, the skin remains healthier and younger-looking for longer, and healing is much faster and more comfortable!

Before you can enjoy the results of your skin peel at Liverpool Osteopaths, you will be invited to a free consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, who will help to tailor the treatment to your skin and make sure a skin peel would be the best course of action for your treatment. The auxiliary and support steps of your treatment will be discussed with you, and your tailored skincare routine will be laid out for after the treatment, to help the healing process and maximise your results!