Complementary Therapies and Fertility

Can complementary therapies be the answer to those looking to start a family who need a helping hand?

With one in six couples finding difficulties in conceiving, many people are unaware of the different complementary therapies which are available. There is no doubting that trying for a baby, and the stress and frustration that accompanies, takes the fun and spontaneity out of it.

Complementary therapies are low risk therapy’s, which are not a cure for infertility. They can be the helping hand in encourage conception by bringing the body back into natural balance.

Complimentary therapies for fertility available at clinics:

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture – targets fertility by encouraging fresh blood to specific points which helps to influence our reproductive organs, such as our fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. The belief is that these organs are found on one of twelve meridian lines called the ‘conception’ meridian.

Reflexology –  is a traditional healing art which involves adding pressure to specific points in the feet and is often used to ease period pain, headaches and back problems. Some points on the foot are associated with a woman’s egg production and by manipulating these areas reflexologists aim is to correct the imbalances which can hamper pregnancy.

Aromatherapy –  is an alternative treatment that centres on the use of essential oils. Aroma therapists use time-tested combinations of essential oils to stimulate the central nervous system and relieve stress and tension in the body. Some aromatherapy oils can be used to help regulate the menstrual cycle and encourage the hormonal balance needed to facilitate conception.  While there is no definite evidence that shows aromatherapy can help you to conceive, many believe that it has a positive effect on fertility.

For further information please contact the clinic of choice.